our mission to educate a diverse selection of organizations in the legal and technical implications of blockchains has brought industries together

why did we form bce.asia ...?

misleading information

with such an eclectic range of media coverage, speculative promotional events and misinformed technical and legal institutional understanding, we wanted to help government agencies make informed decisions regarding distributed ledgers

lack of trust

with multiple business entities working together on a unified mission, yet no way to share control, we noticed there was a lack of solutions providing legally bound multi-signature solutions for enforcing trust whilst removing the friction of intermediaries

short sighted gains

with an endless wave of focus dedicated to the volatile nature of crypto-assets and digital tokens, we truly struggled to find the answers we needed when it came to the long-term realization for the implementation of new distributed national policies

we are a registered non-profit society with a vision to reach digital distributed governance for our organization and those that govern our businesses

how does bce.asia help the community ...?


we work in partnership with a number of education providers - such as Red Money and iTrain Asia - ensuring we can cover a broad selection of industry areas


not only do we work together on disruptive ideas such as digital identity, but we also seek to empower our community by displacing services that monopolises trust


we believe that there will never be a single distributed ledger or unified set of global standards to govern single industries, which is why we use blockchain agnostic solutions

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who else is currently supporting the bce.asia mission ...?


with founding members from Maybank and RHB, we will be releasing more information about our institutional ambassadors soon

fintech startups

wih founding members from CapitalBay and Ata Plus, we will be releasing more details about our startup ambassadors soon


with founding members from Lim Jo Yan & Co - we will be releasing more information about our legal partnerships soon


featured ambassadors

what exactly are bce.asia working on ...?