Introducing The Blockchain Embassy of Asia

Driving Collaboration from Malaysia with Distributed Ledger Technology & Community Growth

As Malaysia’s first and only public consortium that is entirely focused on the adoption and improvement of distributed ledgers and their competing protocols, we felt it was time to properly introduce ourselves and our objectives. Our mission is simple:

"Educate organizations throughout Asia on both the legal and technical implications of distributed ledgers.”

We’ve been doing this in a number of ways... From presenting at the central bank of Malaysia and participating in SCxSC2016 with the Securities Commission of Malaysia - through to more recently presenting at TEDxSarawak. We’ve also been providing paid-workshops and ideation sessions to certain organizations in order to help expedite their understanding of blockchains.

Since we now have our self-imposed requirement for nine ambassadors with nine different specialities, we have accomplished our first milestone by assembling the minimum members needed to form the Malaysian Steering Committee.

Presenting the nine founding members from Malaysia that have made this all possible:

Blockchain adoption usually faces regulatory hurdles that are often compounded by other factors such as industry-specific requirements and even jurisdictions in different countries, states, or regions. With our legal ambassador onboad, can help companies that are interested in these new distributed technologies with legal frameworks for their prototypes.

This is just one of the many benefits we are able to offer as a cross-industry initiative. Additionally, the embassy also provides a secure web-accessible platform for developing blockchain-powered products within a safe, controlled environment. This can vastly accelerate the development of working prototypes and joint partnerships, experiments and private trials between different industries with the help of our varied selection of ambassadors, who provide domain specific knowledge, enabling more ambitious cross-industry collaboration projects using distributed ledgers and other blockchain technologies.

It is crucial that stakeholders from different industries and expertise are able to collaborate on common ground in the effort of exploring the possible use and application of blockchain technology. It is only by leveraging on the network effects of a diversified ecosystem can the real benefits promised by the technology be achieved on a larger and more significant scale.

Our long-term vision is rooted within the impetus for our inception - where we wanted to share the ownership and control of content for a specific web-accessible property with everybody involved in that project, but without centralized methods authorizing access, or there being a single point of failure dictating its availability. In a decentralized world with multiple partners from various industries working together using blockchains, the need for distributed governance has never been more relevant.

Finally... Whilst was conceived in Malaysia, this does not mean it only has Malaysian interests in mind. Far from it. We are speaking to potential partners from across Asia, but nonetheless believe that Malaysia is the ideal place to kickstart this initiative, and is the first to start forming its local steering committee from a market that can truly benefit from the paradigm shifts brought forward by blockchains and distributed ledger technologies. We hope that together, with your help, we can step forth into the unknown, but do so with confidence in our unity and strength in our collective certainty.

our mission is to educate organizations throughout asia in both the legal and technical implications of distributed ledgers

We are a non-profit digitally distributed organization that is using and promoting blockchain governance as a method for collaboration between various business entities and existing community efforts across Asia